Expo haul

3 weeks ago (not very long hehehe..)  I visited cosmetics expo with my class. I found there some nice products with a nice price! Aside from the things I needed for school I also bought myself something. Too expensive skincare products, a couple of eyeshadows from Artdeco and a super soft make up brush from Duroy. Bye money! 

Today I finally tested how good these eyeshadows really are, and I must say I'm really happy with the outcome! Usually eyeshadows don't have enough pigment for my taste, but I love these! And I also love the package design, it's a bit like a seashell, so fits me well! These are cream eyeshadows so applying is also nicer in my opinion.


18 hours of Takarazuka musicals

On Autumn holiday we had Zuka marathon with friends at my place. We decided to watch more than last time 2 years ago (18 hours then) but everyone fell asleep after a bit over 18 hours of watching. :D But I think half an hour does count!

2PM - 11PM - 4AM



Yesterday mail brought me a fisheye lens for phone! I had never even thought that it would be possible to have different lenses for phone cameras, but then I saw that Essi had one of these and I wanted to try it too. Samsung Galaxy S2 isn't the newest model anymore, so I didn't find any cheap lens covers for it. Thus I decided to try the magnetic one. I just hope it won't damage the insides in long-term use.. The magnetic ring is kinda ugly and I had to attach it a little oddly, otherwise the camera can't focus anymore when I have the lens on. But I still like it! ♥